Sunday Services

Coronavirus update

We will be opening for Sunday morning services from and including the 26th July 2020. Things will be a little different. We won't be able to sing for a little while. In order to help you understand what to expect we have prepared a video on our facebook page and a link is provided here:

Our Sunday service starts at 10.30 am. There is a car park, but we are encouraging those who can do so to walk. If you do need to come by car then please be aware of other people in the car park when you arrive and, if necessary, wait till it is safe to get out. You may be asked to queue for a short while before entering. 

Important: Please note that from and including 8th August 2020 the government has made it mandatory for face masks to be worn in places of worship. So please make sure you bring yours with you to the service.

We will, for the time being, continue to provide an online alternative through Pastor Paul Witter's YouTube channel. This is to enable those who are shielding etc., to access a service that mirrors that which we will do in the building. 

I am going to pray now for you as you read this and for our country as a whole:

"Our loving heavenly Father, I ask that you will grant, to whoever is reading this, your peace and comfort and strength. May you protect them in this time of uncertainty, whether that be financial protection or protection from infection or other effects of this evil virus. If the person reading this is having to self-isolate, I pray that they will be guarded from loneliness. May they have people ready and willing to speak to them by phone or social media etc. 

And Father, we ask for your hand of mercy on this land of ours. It is true that most of the country has, for years, gone about its life without reference to you and many have denied you exist. But you have also promised to save all those who call upon your name. I ask for your compassion upon us. Forgive this nation's turning from you. And act, we pray, to remove this evil from our midst. We also ask for wisdom for those in government and those advising them. And we praise you for all those dedicated professionals in our health services and in the scientific community who will be hard pressed as they seek to find a permanant vaccine for this virus. And thank you, also, for those who are equally important right now - those who deliver medicines, food etc to our shops and to those who are most vulnerable.

Lord, please provide for those who rely upon food banks and ensure that the homeless are fed and looked after.

And may all those who do not yet know the comfort of having Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, I ask that you will reveal your Son to them.

Thank you and amen."

God bless you

Pastor Paul Witter

Morning – 10.30 am

Worship service.

3rd Sunday of the month is a family style service. 1st Sunday of the month includes communion. 

Refreshments after the service.

Evening – 6.30pm

1st Sunday of the month is our Open to God - healing and intercessory prayer service. We take seriously the command of James 5:16 that we should pray for one another that we may be healed. The service includes worship in which we are free to express that worship as we feel called. We pray with expectation that God loves to heal but know that it is God who chooses whether to heal in response to our prayers. This service also operates on the understanding that the full range of spiritual gifts may be exercised among us.

2nd and 4th Sundays (and 5th where appropriate) – Sunday forum – this usually will involve showing a short DVD and then having a general discussion over tea and biscuits etc. We are currently running a series called 'So many questions' looking at difficult issues relating to the Christian faith.

3rd Sunday – Prayer and praise evening with communion. This is an informal service in which we join together to pray for a number of people and things. It will usually include praying for a member of the church here, for local member of the FIEC family of churches and will include singing God's praises together.