Open to God

05 Dec 2021
18:30 - 20:00

This used to be our healing prayer service, but in 2019 we changed it to Open to God to reflect the fact that God is sovereign and so is his Holy Spirit. Whilst healing prayer is still a part of what we do in this service, we recognise that God may want to engage with us in other ways than simply in healing. He may want to encounter us by his Spirit in a new and powerful way (either all of us together or one or more of us individually). He may want to call us to repentance. He may want to speak to us with words of knowledge, prophecy etc. Or he may just want us to spend time enjoying his presence. Open to God expresses the view that the church is his church and not ours and we want to have his priorities become our priorities. 

As I write we are still in the middle of the Covid pandemic and that means that there will be some differences to when we last met for Open to God in March of 2020. We will not, as yet, be laying on hands when praying for each other. We also ask, as a church membership, that masks are worn when entering and leaving the building and when moving around within the building. Masks may be removed when seated, but we ask they be worn during times of sung worship. You may be one of those who wishes all restrictions gone and we understand that. But we want to make as many people as possible feel comfortable in attending and feel these are steps worth taking for the common good. 

We hope to see you and see what God might do among us.