On this page you will find the testimonies of people who have been blessed by God in some way. Many of these will be stories of how God has healed them in answer to pray, but we hope to also include other kinds of stories. 

Cheryl’s story

Cheryl was one of the first people to receive a healing once we started our healing prayer service. She had been in an accident that had caused her to have significant knee pain for a number of months. I, Paul Witter, recall her saying how it significantly limited her walking. This is her account of what happened, interspersed with my own recollection:

“It was an April evening at church and there was a healing prayer service. I was suffering knee pain due to a car accident where I bashed my knee against the dashboard.

The service started and I felt a warm glow and, like a magnet, something was drawing me to the front for healing. I remember saying to Paul, our pastor, “Please pray as my knee is painful.” Paul started praying and I felt a tingling in my knee and nothing else.”

I recall that as I started to pray over her, Cheryl’s hands began to shake. She then fell to the floor. She lay there, being prayed over, for quite some while.

Cheryl says, “When I opened my eyes, I was on the floor. I got up with my husband’s help. A funny sensation came over me and there was no pain in my knee. “Wow,” I thought, “how amazing is God.” I then prayed and thanked him.”

That was two years ago and Cheryl has had no recurrence of that knee pain.

Christine's story

I'd been struggling with arthritic stiffness and pain in my joints for some time and despite therapeutic exercises the condition was getting progressively worse. 

Then one evening in the summer of 2018 I attended a healing service at church.  After a time of worship and teaching there was an open invitation to come forward for prayer and so I asked for prayer for the healing of my arthritis.  Actually, nothing happened that first time.  Nor on a second occasion I was prayed for. 

My full and complete healing did come following a church event when I once again asked for prayer.  This time the prayer was accompanied by the laying on of hands and within days my pain had entirely gone.  Glorious pain-free waking up every morning - Alleluia!  And there has been no recurrence of any pain or stiffness in the year since. 

It was an amazing thing to experience - besides the total freedom from joint pain there was (and still is) an overwhelming sense of joy and thankfulness.  Our father God is kind and compassionate.  Praise his name.