On this page you will find the testimonies of people who have been blessed by God in some way. Many of these will be stories of how God has healed them in answer to pray, but we hope to also include other kinds of stories. 


Cheryl’s story

Cheryl was one of the first people to receive a healing once we started our healing prayer service. She had been in an accident that had caused her to have significant knee pain for a number of months. I, Paul Witter, recall her saying how it significantly limited her walking. This is her account of what happened, interspersed with my own recollection:

“It was an April evening at church and there was a healing prayer service. I was suffering knee pain due to a car accident where I bashed my knee against the dashboard.

The service started and I felt a warm glow and, like a magnet, something was drawing me to the front for healing. I remember saying to Paul, our pastor, “Please pray as my knee is painful.” Paul started praying and I felt a tingling in my knee and nothing else.”

I recall that as I started to pray over her, Cheryl’s hands began to shake. She then fell to the floor. She lay there, being prayed over, for quite some while.

Cheryl says, “When I opened my eyes, I was on the floor. I got up with my husband’s help. A funny sensation came over me and there was no pain in my knee. “Wow,” I thought, “how amazing is God.” I then prayed and thanked him.”

That was two years ago and Cheryl has had no recurrence of that knee pain.

Christine's story

I'd been struggling with arthritic stiffness and pain in my joints for some time and despite therapeutic exercises the condition was getting progressively worse. 

Then one evening in the summer of 2018 I attended a healing service at church.  After a time of worship and teaching there was an open invitation to come forward for prayer and so I asked for prayer for the healing of my arthritis.  Actually, nothing happened that first time.  Nor on a second occasion I was prayed for. 

My full and complete healing did come following a church event when I once again asked for prayer.  This time the prayer was accompanied by the laying on of hands and within days my pain had entirely gone.  Glorious pain-free waking up every morning - Alleluia!  And there has been no recurrence of any pain or stiffness in the year since. 

It was an amazing thing to experience - besides the total freedom from joint pain there was (and still is) an overwhelming sense of joy and thankfulness.  Our father God is kind and compassionate.  Praise his name.

Paul's story 

At the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020, I had developed severe pains in both knees. It began in the right knee at first. Whenever I would kneel on it I would get a sharp pain at the right hand side of the knee. Later this started to happen with my left knee as well. I still had that pain when I attended Life in the Spirit conference 2020. There a group of us from Suffolk decided to hold an impromptu prayer meeting. It turned out to be one of the best prayer meetings I have ever attended. During that time we prayed for healing for a number of us, including for me. Later that same day a word was given at the front in relation to right knee pain. As the paid had started there, I went forward for further prayer. On my return, and at the next Open to God service here at Avenue Evangelical Church, I again received prayer from people. Then, of course, we all went into lockdown. My attention was taken with how do we run church services online and it wasn't for quite some while that I realised that the pain in both knees had gone and had done so for a while. I am still able to kneel without any pain. I can't say when the healing took place, but it can't have been long after lockdown started. 

Christine P's story

It was early November, and I was feeling very unwell. I had developed a nasty cough and was feeling constantly tired. I put it down to having a virus and, as I had no temperature, I was not unduly concerned. I was not getting any better and my appetite had all but disappeared. It was now approaching the end of November and I noticed that I was coughing blood. I had a vague thought that it may have been pneumonia, however I still had no temperature and dismissed that idea. My son’s graduation was at the end of November and I was determined to make that. We drove to Carlisle but, apart from the actual ceremony, I stayed in bed most of the time. When we got back, I booked an appointment for early December with my Doctor.

Two days before my appointment was due, my husband was away for the night. Around 4.00am I woke up and found my right foot was flopping. I had no control over it, and I was in agony but when I touched my foot it felt completely numb. This time I was alarmed and had the common sense to call an ambulance. They rushed me in, stopping three times to give me an ECG. When I arrived at the hospital, they told me I did have pneumonia and a blood clot. They explained that they needed to rush me to Colchester as the specialist who could do this operation was there. I had three members of staff with me and the siren and lights were on the whole way. I said to one nurse that it seemed I was extremely ill, and she replied that I was.

When I arrived, I was rushed straight to theatre. However, I did insist on having a local anaesthetic and not general. This was because, many years before, I had had a general anaesthetic and my heart stopped briefly. When they had finished operating, they put me in intensive care. By this time, my husband had returned. He asked the doctor why they were keeping me in there. They explained that they it was a precaution in case the clot had broken off and spread and they were keeping a close eye on me.

Around about midnight I had excruciating stomach pains and they sent me for a scan. A team of four doctors had looked at it and discovered that there were numerous blood clots in my stomach and bowels. The chief surgeon told me that I would be dead in hours if I did not have an operation. I asked him what the chances of survival were with the operation. He told me that, even with it, I only had a 20% chance of survival. At this point I told them I would not sign until my husband was there. As we live 40 minutes away, they were reluctant to wait but without my signature, they could not operate. My husband arrived and, in a very emotional moment, we discussed the hymns I wanted at my funeral. I asked him if he would call our pastor, as I wanted to talk to him before the operation. My husband got hold of our house group leaders and our pastor, with whom I ended up talking. I told him that I was OK with dying and I knew, no matter how bad I had been, that my sins were forgiven. I went into that operation with a great sense that God was there.

In the meantime, my husband, our pastor and house group leaders sat up praying from around 3.30am am till 7.00am. The surgeon came into the room where my husband had been waiting and told him he had good news and bad news. Obviously, the good news was that I had survived, but the bad news he explained was that, when they opened me up, THERE WAS NOTHING THERE!!! Praise Jesus!!! He said the team of doctors had looked at the scans and there was no way they could have been mistaken. When I opened my eyes there was my husband waiting. He explained everything to me. The surgeon came to see me, and he said “I am so sorry, what happened?" I replied, “I think you know”. I told him I would not take it further as I believed the clots were there before the operation, and that he had done nothing wrong. He sat holding my hand for a while and I like to believe he really sensed what happened. The medical team could offer no logical reason for what happened. Indeed 4 doctors had looked at the scan and the clots were definitely there before the operation.

After a week they moved me from intensive care to a recovery ward. I was told I would be able to go home the next day. It was just a few weeks away from Christmas and my husband had an office party. I told him to go as I was coming home the next day. He was not entirely happy about leaving me alone, so he asked our house group leaders if they would visit. While they were there, all the curtains were drawn to the other beds and. At this point I had a cardiac arrest. I am certain if they had not been there, I would have died, as I was on no monitors of any description. God had come through once again!

When I got out of hospital nobody was safe! Taxi drivers, shop staff, people in queues with me, bus drivers all had to listen to what Jesus did for me. I did not have any negative feedback and some people cried as I told them. This was nearly 7 years ago, and I am still going strong at the age of almost 63. Praise the Lord he can and does heal, sometimes in the most amazing ways. I thank him every day for his amazing grace to me. Amen


Paul's testimony

I want to relate to you a testimony of an encounter with God, by his Spirit, that happened to me back in 2016 at my first Life in the Spirit conference. 

I had attended at the invite of a friend and went at a time when I was dissatisfied with my walk with God. I knew that there was, as it were, "more", but I didn't know what that might be. I was praying. I was diligently reading my Bible. But I was eager for more of God. I was encouraged in my search by the writings of the Puritans, of Jonathan Edwards and of many others who expected Christianity to be experiential. 

I arrived at the conference unsure of what to expect. It was my first time at a conference that was overtly charismatic. If you are new to Christian terms, that means they expected God to meet with them by his Spirit and to enable spiritual gifts (healings, words of knowledge etc.) to take place. 

At first the worship style unsettled me. But I gradually warmed to the freedom that I saw. But I still had not got what I came for. I can recall going to my room, I think on the Tuesday, and getting down on my knees and saying to God, "Lord, I have come here for something. Do not let me leave without getting it!" 

The next evening, Wednesday, was the communion service. The preacher at the evening was faithful, but not, to my mind, terribly stirring. There wasn't, shall I say, any hyped up emotion about it. I want to say that so that what follows cannot be dismissed as whipped up emotion.

In fact, his sermon had largely not connected with me. But then he said something that hit me. He spoke, from Isaiah 53, of Jesus carrying suffering and sorrow. He took on himself all the suffering of a broken world and he carried all of the eternity of wailing and gnashing of teeth that I deserved. This rang bells from something Jonathan Edwards spoke about. He said that Jesus was the only human who saw sin as it really is, in all its evil, and yet he willingly bore it. He willingly bore our shame and sin. So his words connected. But something else happened that my words seem to cheapen. I can only put it like this: I had a lovely, heart-warming and sweet sense of the wonder of the atonement. I was aglow at the immensity of it. I saw something that I can scarcely describe at all. In some sense I was seeing things through the lens of the cross. And I was feeling God's love flowing out from it. But I also felt the amazement in my soul that Jesus would do all of that for me; that he was absorbing and consuming all of an eternity of wrath that I would otherwise had to bear. Do the words "sweet" and "delightful" capture the feeling? No. But they are the only words I have. But they seem to me to be akin to trying to describe a great painting by discussing the constituent parts of paint. I was overwhelmed. It was like as if I was in a bubble of light and love. I could see others around me, but I was caught up in a different space. And wave after wave of God's love poured over me and melted me with love to God and to Jesus. The cross became more beautiful than it had ever been. 

After this the sharing of the bread and the cup was a joy. The communion of worship was beautiful. I sang and I prayed. I stood still as the words of the songs washed over me and I delighted in my Saviour. The service lasted about two hours and I wished it could have gone on and on. 

I believe this to have been a work of the Spirit. As a good evangelical, I knew that such experiences had happened to people like John Wesley, George Whitefield and Jonathan Edwards in the 1700s. Edwards set out five tests of a work of the Spirit (all drawn from 1 John 4) and this experience of mine fitted them well. It lifted Christ high, it caused me to delight in true doctrine more, it worked against the interests of the Devil, it increased my love to other Christians and it drew me back to Scripture. Indeed it had been a Scriptural observation that had started it. 

I had got what I had come for, and it was more beautiful and more satisfying than I had imagined. Since then, God has been pleased to give me other encounters like this one. But I will never forget how God met me that day. And I believe that this kind of experience is available to all who seek to follow Jesus. My prayer is that my account might cause you to earnestly seek God for your own encounter with his Spirit and truth.