Mission and Missionaries

Avenue Evangelical Church takes delight in supporting a number of mission agencies as well as Christian work generally. Jesus told his disciples that as they were going along their way, they were to make disciples of all nations. And so we are keen to support groups that actively promote the good news of Jesus Christ. Some of them do so in conditions that threaten their safety, liberty and possibly even their lives. Others have devoted themselves, often at great personal cost, to spreading the good news.

Below is a list of the agencies that we support together with a brief description (where appropriate) of what they do. Where there is a website a link has been provided so that you can find out more.


Asia Link

A mission agency that seeks to link churches to unreached people groups in Asia. It supports church planting in many countries and also helps to train indigenous church leaders.

Albanian Evangelical Mission

AEM is seeking to make the Gospel know to the Albanian people and to “foster evangelical church life among them.” 

Faith Mission – Stephen and Cynthia Walker


Betesda Nursing Home - Romania

Although not undertaking gospel proclamation as such, this organisation provides important Christian service to needy people in their older years. We support them from general giving rather than from missionary giving.

The Kellys (Layton and Claire) – Reformers Unanimous

A Christian grouping seeking to help people come out of drug addiction.

Echoes of Service

We support, through this agency, missionaries in Angola and China.


Just 42

Our Youth Club is run by Ruth Blunt who is supplied to us by Just 42, a local Christian based youth charity that runs many youth clubs in the area around the Deben estuary.

Bongolo Hospital in Gabon

Gabon is a country on the west coast of Africa and Bongolo Hospital is situated 340 miles south west of the capital Libreville. We started supporting the work of this hospital when one of our members began to volunteer his services on a periodic basis. As well as providing vital medical services that would otherwise not be available, the hospital has many pastors attached to it and hundreds come to the Lord Jesus there every year.