Christians love to get together to help each other to praise the Lord Jesus Christ. We also want to help each other to grow spiritually. Wherever you are on your journey to faith; believer or sceptic, happy or sad, newly become a Christian or longstanding Christian; you will find a welcome amongst us. Our worship style is fairly informal though we do stand to sing songs to God and to each other out of reverence to God. Children are welcome. Once a month we have a family style service where children and adults stay in for the whole service, otherwise we have Sunday School (see separate page) and there is a crèche available on request.

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May 2017

7th May 2017 (Sunday) - 10:30

morning worship with communion

9th May 2017 (Tuesday) - 19:00

Discipleship Group

11th May 2017 (Thursday) - 19:30

Bible study and Prayer meeting

14th May 2017 (Sunday) - 10:30

Morning worship - holiness

14th May 2017 (Sunday) - 19:30

Sunday Forum - hot potato evening

16th May 2017 (Tuesday) - 19:00

Discipleship Group

18th May 2017 (Thursday) - 19:30

Bible study and Prayer meeting

20th May 2017 (Saturday) - 18:00

International food evening

This is an open event. There will be a variety of different dishes available to come and sample. In the past we have had Albanian and Dutch desserts and well as Italian, St Helenan, Spanish and other main courses. There will be a short talk after the meal.
21st May 2017 (Sunday) - 10:30

Family Service

21st May 2017 (Sunday) - 19:30

Prayer and praise