Why I am excited about the Welcome Home tour on Saturday 1st December

I am really looking forward to the arrival of Will and Josh Loescher in December. I was present at the Life in the Spirit conference when Josh had his life changing encounter with God and I know you will find his story very powerful indeed.

One of the things I like about Josh's story is that it has similarities to my own. Both us rebelled against Christianity and got caught up in alcohol and drugs and, although never hooked on it, like him I got into gambling as well.

But there the similarities end. My journey to Jesus was a long and involved one. It began through going to AA and realising that the twelve step programme featured "God" rather a lot. But I really didn't want that God to be Jesus. But God had other plans for me. Over a period of about a year I began to investigate Christianity. In that time some amazing things happened. One day, whilst working for a firm of solicitors, I was walking home for lunch deeply worried about the job and lots of other things. I hadn't read the Bible for years and yet at that moment it came to me that somewhere Jesus had said something about not worrying because you can't add a single hour to your life through worry. When I got home my local Anglican church had put a copy of Luke's gospel through my door. In it there was a book mark giving the times of the services. The book mark was in Luke 12 where, in v.25 it says, "And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life?" You can imagine that I was blown away by that. But I didn't become a Christian at that point. Other things happened that were almost as amazing. Long story short, I eventually realised, through Mark's gospel, just who Jesus is and knew I needed to respond.

For Josh, it seems, God worked much quicker than that. He met with Josh in a very powerful way and his life was changed overnight. I will leave him to tell us more in December.

But what excites me about the both of us, is that it shows that God is not put off by how messed up our lives have become. He doesn't tell us we have blown it by our behaviour and there is no hope for us. While we still live there is always hope.

I want to encourage you:

  1. If you are not able to say Jesus is Lord, and worry if God will ever accept you, come and hear what Josh has to say.
  2. If you do already love Jesus, is there someone in your life it would be good to invite?
  3. If you are a Christian but feel that your first love for Jesus has gone cold, come and hear. God can still do things through you.

So, I am really excited about what God can do and will do. I look forward to seeing you on 1st December at 7.00pm.



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