About Us

Avenue Evangelical church is a bible believing church. It was set up in 1942 as a mission to what was then a new estate on the edge of Woodbridge. We are family friendly and have a regular Sunday School and once a month there is an all-age family service.

We are part of the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (find out more here - https://fiec.org.uk/) and endorse their statement of faith, which you can find on our What we believe page . We also associate ourselves with Kinetic Network (you can find out more about the network here - https://www.kineticnetwork.org/). As an independent church we are self-governing and the members of the church make all major decisions. As evangelicals (from “evangel” which means “gospel” or “good news”) we believe that the Bible is the word of God that brings good news of salvation from our sin. We believe that sin is disordered self-love. Instead of loving God with all our hearts and minds and loving our neighbours as ourselves, we end up loving ourselves selfishly. Thus we break all of God’s commandments and ignore our creator in his creation. And this rebellion against God is destructive of all that is good in his creation. And he has pledged to one day put all of the wrongs in his creation right. And when he does he will judge all those who have remained rebels and refused his offer of forgiveness through Jesus.

The Bible tells us that, if we believe and trust in Jesus Christ as our Saviour, God judged our sin in the death of Jesus. We are then set free to follow him and to inherit eternal life. Our sins are forgiven us. That doesn’t make us perfect. We don’t pretend to be better than any one else, but we do say that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the best news there is. And we don’t want to keep it to ourselves!

We are not looking for people just to fill our chairs. Nor do we want them to join an exclusive club. We don’t want to make you look like us or sound like us. We do want to introduce you to the most exciting person who ever lived – Jesus Christ – and to help you find a relationship with him.